Saturday, 22 July 2017

Everything is a spectrum

They say that we are all somewhere on the ASD spectrum, and doing a mental health first aid course a few weeks ago, I realised that all mental health conditions are all also a spectrum - and we are all on all of them. It is not a case of having or not having depression / anxiety / obsesive compulsive, bipolar, etc, but a case of how much of it do you have and how much is it affecting your life.

And then I realise that EVERYTHING is a spectrum. Colour, sexuality, gender, handedness, intro/extroversion, etc etc etc. Why does it matter? Um, not sure really, but it is a pretty cool insight. I suppose why it matters is realising there is no black and white, no right or wrong, just different shades of grey, and in most cases we can slide one way or another. This helps to eliminate judgement and bring about acceptance and celebration.

Pick one person to love

Driving home yesterday and had one of those moments when you see someone that, for whatever reason, you just feel so much compassion for. So then saw another and another. And it reminds me that when I do that I feel compassion for everyone. So each day just pick one person to love.

And then, love them, and everyone, with the four elements of love that I just read from Thich Nhat Hanh:
maitri – friendship, brotherhood, loving-kindness. And the second is karuna – capacity to understand the suffering and help remove and transform it – compassion. Mudita is the third element – joy – your joy is her joy, her joy is our joy. The last element is upeksha – nondiscrimination / equanimity. This is a higher form of love. The four qualities have no limits – infinite love – these elements are also call the Four Unlimited Minds.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Raise energy up and let go of fear

I'm starting to understand the idea of raising my energy up through the various chakras. I need to realise which level I am stuck at and consciously work my way up through the other centres - I think. Can't reallyu remember what that insight was.

I'm trying each day to really love. But it is not always easy to get there. Realised today that sometimes it is more about letting go of fear and letting love naturally emerge rather than trying to drag love up through the fear. Let it go! Be free! Be me! Life is awesome!!

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Think less, be aware of your thoughts more, change your thoughts

3 - step strategy of thought awareness. Don't just try to shut out thoughts or let them be. Be present, be aware of thoughts arising. Question and re-frame challenging ones.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

I want to play

It's hard to tame the ego. My life is pretty drama free but ego dies like a bit of drama. At least now I can realise this I get a choice - do I want the drama or not?

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Love or Above

It took me four years, but today I finally published my book: You Are Infinite, You Are Eternal, You Are God: And more importantly, You Are Me. So yes, what started out as my one year of living peacefully (or attempting to) has ended up being four years, but I’m really glad it did, because this is what I have learned:

1.       In the four years since I began writing the book, my assuredness that it is right has not wavered. My confidence as a writer certainly has at times, and some of the science has changed slightly, but the core message and underlying philosophy is rock solid – it can be no other way.

2.       In terms of ‘being peaceful’, or my goal of embodying the love and peace the book describes, I picture in my head a line graph. If love and peace is the vertical axis, and time the horizontal, I would say that the line has fluctuated up and down all over the place many times, but overall has trended upwards into a much better place. I have certainly not become an ‘enlightened master’. I am certainly not the picture of blissful serenity and boundless compassion. I still sink into ego, frustration, anger, apathy far more often than I would like. I still see red with the kids from time to time. But on the whole, when I think back to the way I was ‘most of the time’ four years ago, I would say that I have definitely become a lot calmer, a lot more patient, a lot more understanding, less judgmental, and think and speak in what I believe it a much more productive and effective manner.

I am now far less self-conscious in terms of worrying about what people think of me as a person, a teacher, a leader, or about my wacky ideas. I have prioritized family, self-care, and ‘the things that really matter’ far more over work, external stimulations, and trying to ‘save the world’. As a result, I believe I have become a much better person, teacher, leader, husband and father, and have come to realise that ‘saving the world’ is truly about ‘saving myself’ first and foremost – it is about becoming the most peaceful, loving, contented, present me that I can be, and I am continuing to grow along this journey.

3.       And so that brings me to my final insight – to where I am now, and to my mission for 2017 and beyond, as I being my ‘fifth year of living peacefully’. For the last couple of weeks, my new mantra has been to be ‘Love or Above’. I really like Christie-Marie Sheldon’s description about the energy levels of each emotion and state of being. And I really like the idea of setting the intention that I consistently vibrate at the energy of love or above.

Each of the mantras I have used as the headings of these blog posts over the past four years have been effective for short periods of time, and I end up cycling through them as I read over my reflections and remind myself of what works and what does not. But they all become a bit stale after a few days, and I need to move on to another. Over the past few weeks however, reminding myself regularly to be love or above – to be love, joy, and gratitude, has consistently dragged me into the present moment, into a positive, liberated state of mind, and to a reminder of my oneness with other, with life, with God, with the universe itself, and it has stich with me longer than any other mantra so far.

So this is my mission for 2017 and beyond. As I release my book today I commit from today onwards to be love or above. Christie tells us that a person vibrating consistently at the vibration of love can positively influence over 50 000 people. If my book can reach that many people, and have a positive influence on them all, I will feel extremely grateful. And if you end up reading this blog (which I think I am going to turn into a book as well), and it has had a positive influence on you as well, I am even more grateful still.

And then we continue the journey to vibrating higher and higher still and seeing what is really there!

Love and peace.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Remember GRATITUDE!!

I just wrote about love, gratitude and joy and realise the one that I forget to use the most often is gratitude. 

It is so powerful and so easy, and yet I forget it so often. Remember as often as possible, every minute of every day, you have so much to be grateful for. And in being grateful life feels awesome.

Even the difficult things - even the so-called 'bad' things - be grateful for them because they teach you, they help you, they guide you, they make you who you are today, and they make this life magnificent!